2D Cloud

This Minnesota-based publisher have been producing quality work for several years now, and I’m slightly ashamed to admit I only heard of them because they released a new¬†Noah Van Sciver¬†project. Looking closer revealed a publisher who sought work by “artists that both challenge and invite, draw and disturb”. That sounded like an interesting mandate, and as you’ll see by these reviews of The Death of Elijah Lovejoy, Deep in The Woods, Yearbooks, and Things You Carry, it’s one they’re fulfilling in spades. Not only that, but they publish in an enticing variety of formats, from small perfect bound books to larger newsprint comics, a nice revolt against the tyranny of the longbox!

A willingness to perturb, a commitment to making lovely things, and a stable of passionate young creators… all in one place? That’s one happy cloud.

The death of Elijah Lovejoy (3)
Deep in the Woods (1)

Yearbooks (2)


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