Lovestruck: Flocks #1 by L. Nichols

If you’d rather read the words of esteemed comics reviewer Zainab Akhtar, or a creator interview on The Beat, than my prattling about this comic, I’ll understand. Plus, maybe you’ll be more impressed, they’re pretty impressive comics folks over at FPI and The Beat. But if you’re sticking around, I’ll keep it brief. Flocks reminds us that comics are a phenomenally effective way to broach awkward or taboo topics. L. Nichols is a great communicator, who marries neat symbolism and an energetic line to encapsulate the profound emotional turmoil involved in the story (about growing up gay in a strictly Christian environment). Nichols’ rag doll comic self is an instantly recognisable symbol for vulnerability, youth, and a frightening lack of agency, a simple guide through a complex experience. I left this comic feeling renewed empathy, like I had shared someone’s journey and was a little more human for it. How can you not love that? (By Taylor)