Roman Muradov’s Picnic Ruined

If you have ever come across any of Roman Muradov‘s work, you know to expect his comics to look pretty; he’s an incredible illustrator and I am yet to see one of his pieces that don’t look simply gorgeous. Picnic Ruined is no exception, even in black and white, his delicate lines flow beautifully on the pages and create a seriously good-looking book. But, boy… it’s also so much more than that!

With the exception of 3 or 4 pages of conversation, the words throughout the book describe the ramblings and inner dialogues of a (possibly autobiographical?) character as he hides in a bookshop and wonders the streets of San Francisco.

I always find it much harder to describe what goes on in one’s mind than situations that take place in real time (have you ever been in a conversation and, after a minute or two of silence, said something that made complete sense to you, but none to the person you were talking to? it always takes me forever to explain the line of thought that went on in my head to get from what we were talking about to what I just said); but Muradov does it in Picnic Ruined seemingly effortlessly, as he browse through books, tries to recollect stories, fights his creative demons and blames Belle & Sebastian for his ‘wussiness’. Brilliant, just brilliant!!!

Picnic Ruined (1) Picnic Ruined (2)

Picnic Ruined (3) Picnic Ruined (4)

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