We met Borb through the excellent webcomix collective ACT-I-VATE Comix, where his (adventures? travails?) comings and goings were first serialised by creator Jason Little. He lingered with us.

Borb #2 (3)

Borb is Little’s “foray into the daily strip format”, and builds on what is already a Xeric Grant and Eisner-winning career in comics. Anchored by a profound humanity, Little charts the highs and lows of Borb’s day-to-day with compassion and humour. The daily strip style lends itself to a punchline, but while the laughs are sometimes on Borb and frequently hilarious, Little isn’t drawing a straight-up gag strip. You may find yourself as moved as you are entertained.

Borb #3 (2)

What Borb manages to do is present a slapstick, clownish protagonist whose bathetic suffering is impossible to pin on any one cause. Instead, through Borb’s encounters with people and institutions, Little provokes questions as to what could change to help change Borb’s fate. There are laughs here, plenty of them, but by making the surrounding world as faceless to us as it is to Borb, we’re encouraged to fill in the blanks.

Borb #2 (2)

Borb #1, #2, and #3 are available right now in the Impossible shop.