Laura Park

I first came across Laura Park‘s work a couple of years ago, via a series of mightily heartbreaking comics about her cat just after he had passed away. I cried my eyes out. I also became a huge fan, and have been following her flickr and website since.

But apart from a few contributions to MOME, I had never seen or heard of any of it being in print until pretty recently, when the awesome folks over at Uncivilised Books put out this neat little collection of mostly autobiographical strips and one-paged comics.

Some of the comics collected in the zine can also be found on her flickr, and should give you a good idea of what to expect. However, be warned that if you’re anything like me, you might end up spending quite a few hours browsing through her work before you make yourself close the browser window and get back to work.

Don’t Disturb My Waking Dream (cover) Don’t Disturb My Waking Dream (1)

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