New Comics, from us, for you!

This week is small, but perfectly formed.

We spotted Sophie Yanow‘s deft lines and candour and knew they were for us, so learning that both issues of In Situ (#2 is here) are published through Colosse (whose production quality is impeccable) was the cherry on top. Join Sophie as she stumbles, drifts, and couch-surfs her way through relocation from San Francisco to Montreal, learning cities, lessons and herself.

You knew we were going to get them, and now we got ‘em; new Retrofit hotness! Yup, its that time. From Sam Alden comes the curious tale of the Wicked Chicken Queen, and another stage in the evolving-before-your-eyes development of his unique storytelling style. Then from Mr Retrofit himself, Box Brown, comes Number 1 (pronounced with a silent “b”, for extra pun points). You may have heard he’s got an Andre the Giant biography out through First Second, but if that’s a little too hardcore wrestling-centric for you, Number 1 is the surreal offshoot of all that wrestling knowledge he’s accumulated, filtered through the muddy gauze of zine and publishing culture.

We mentioned last week that we’d restocked some sold out titles, right? Well, just in case you missed it, we reloaded from Cara BeanKoyama PressOily Comics, and Laura Park, so all the following titles are snuggled tight in boxes, ready for picking: Squeaky NoisesGinger the Wonder DogSky in Stereo #1Noise #1#2#3, the Michel Fiffe Interview ZineTeen Creeps #4#5#6Don’t Disturb my Waking DreamBlobby BoysHabit #1Papercutter #14Root Rot, and Blood Visions. You’re welcome!

Thanks to everyone who made us feel popular online this week, and to anyone with questions, musings, or just an uncontrollable love of comics that needs to be shared, we’re on TwitterFacebook, & Tumblr, or reach-out-and-touch-able via the Impossible contact page. See you in 7 with more of the Impossible!